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Sex Work Becomes Exploitation When The “Buyer” Sets ALL The Terms

Trading your physical labor and talents for money isn’t selling your body, it’s selling your time and skills — the same as with a boxer, a steel worker, a seamstress or boom-mic operator. But regardless of what skills you’re selling, you can fight against unsafe or unethical working conditions, without saying the job itself has no merit or purpose beyond that unethical situation.

Medicaid Only Works If You Pay The Doctors

So let’s recap. I live in a major metropolitan area that is big enough to have a AAA baseball team and an international airport where Air Force One lands a few times a year (more in election years), in the 6th most populated state in the country… And if I’m lucky, and I can time my rheumatology and dermatology appointments together, I will still drive over 1000 miles in the next year, just to see my doctors. And all because the state of Illinois is not doing enough, to make sure there are basic specialist medical services, covered by state insurance, in large swaths of the state.

Giving Your Time And What You Might Get Back

I don’t just want to encourage people to do volunteer work, but to encourage organizations to put aside any biases they have and treat their volunteers with the same levels of respect and appreciation, regardless of their background, profession, sexual identity, race/ethnicity, orientation, disability, etc.

Human Beings: As It Turns Out, Not Made With An Erector Set

My entire point is that I routinely see people make these kinds of claims about humanity or people at large, as if our tolerances, endurances and wills are all identical. And if there is one way in which humans most diverge from other animals on this planet, among the approximately 7,514,804,620 of us, we have a metric crap ton of varied tolerances, endurances and wills to go around.

Pregnancy Is a Medical Condition

“The United States spends more on health care than any other country in the world, and the highest percentage of those dollars (about $86 billion) is spent on maternity care; yet, two to three American women die per day of pregnancy-related causes, making women in the United States — particularly minorities — more likely than their counterparts in 40 other countries to die having a baby.”

The Bedazzled Theory

incidentally, Bedazzled has some other great messages to put forward. The development of Elliott, into a far more strong, sensitive, confident and remarkable man. The devil does improve him, and most definitely for the better; though we are given to believe, at the epilogue, that she might truly have been working on the side of right to begin with. She shows him he has to stop wishing for a better life and a better him, and make the most of what he has.

What #Covfefe Means To Me

My mother’s participation in this conversation is the most telling and interesting thing to note. Normally my mother is so apathetic about politics that she all but zones out when I bring up a story like this. But for her, Trump’s continued demonstration of having the mental and emotional maturity of a 10th grader has actually spurred her to awareness and concern.

How the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear) Almost Drove Me Insane…

No one argued, no one screamed, no one was rude or mean. One young man was selling stickers to raise money to get back to Florida; we paid for two, but only took one. A couple in matching t-shirts danced around and played; they were quite cute. A group of older ladies settled on the grass behind us… It was the ultimate people watching experience, and it’s what got the most time from my rented camcorder.


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