Note from Femme: One night I was asked, as part of an online quiz, “Do you find kissing in the rain erotic? That same night, I came across a photograph of a stunning and uniquely shaped Persian Iron Wood Tree. And with that, I found myself taken with inspiration.




It was such a typical rainy Sunday afternoon there should be a country song about it.

They sat on the couch in silence. He sat near the middle, reading a book. She sat on the end – clearly working, with a set of notebooks littering the coffee table and scribbling in another notebook in her hand – with her back against the armrest and her legs draped over his. After a few moments she made a frustrated sound, tossed the notebook aside, and covered her face with one arm.

“Stop and take a break. You’re just tired.” He barely looked up from his book, but he did run his hand along her foot and up one calf, before he slid his hand back down and tickled the bottom of her foot. She jumped like she’d been bitten by a snake, pulled her legs back and cringed into the corner of the couch. He chuckled in response, and she punched his arm.


He chuckled again, “Move around. Get the blood flowing. You’ve been sitting in the same position for an hour and a half.”

She made a specific point to stand, walk over to the arm chair, and sit on the arm of it. He smiled at his book. “So have you.”

“Yes, but I’m not trying to create something, I’m trying to absorb something. It’s a totally different function of the brain. Now stop arguing with me and clear your head.”

She leaned back a little on the arm, feigning lounging, earning his book another smile. Then she genuinely looked around for something to do. After a few seconds, there was a rumble from the storm outside. A mischievous look briefly passed her face and then she sat up and looked at him.

“I think I know what I want to do.” As she said this, she very slowly, and very deliberately, slid each slipper from its (now) unadorned foot. He didn’t look up, but his eyes were clearly not in the book anymore. Then, again one at a time, she hooked each slipper with her big toe, and tossed them into his lap.

She stood up now, walking slowly around the coffee table, in the direction of the hallway. Now he did look up, watching her move, examining closely as she slid the sweater off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor in a soft, warm pool of yarn. His smile broadened. He set her slippers on the couch and stood up, slowly following her path.

“What did you have in mind?” His voice was course, a catch in his throat that she could also see in his eyes. He undid his cuff and shirt buttons as he moved. When he was standing beside her sweater, he pulled his shirt off and dropped it very carefully on top.

“Well.” She drew the word out a bit, just long enough to allow her to take a wrong turn at the back of the couch. He was suddenly confused, as she backed away towards the kitchen instead of continuing toward the hallway, ostensibly leading to the bedroom. He watched closely her now, but stayed put, as she stood between the couch and the back door, facing him.

“I wanna play.” Without unbuttoning it, she pulled the dress shirt she’d borrowed from his hamper, over her head and tossed it to him. He smiled, and smelled the shirt before tossing into the pile they’d already started.

“Play?” He moved now, cautiously exploring her boundaries, to stand a few feet in front of her.

“Yes, I want to play.” She stood so prim and proper, her hands tucked behind her back, that he looked even more confused than when she’d turned left instead of right.

He stood with his hands on his hips, now in nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of old cargo shorts, clearly waiting for her to make her move. “And what is it you want to play?”

Her smile spread slowly, and he got very leery, something ominous in her eyes.

“Tag. And you’re it.”

Without warning she shoved him gently back a step, and then turned; she flung open the back door, and ran out into the rain in nothing but her tank top and the long cotton skirt she favored for lounging around the house. She didn’t even pause to see if he was following her, and in his shock, he didn’t move until she was off the deck stairs and a quarter of the way across the back yard.

A smile quickly spread across his face, “Little shit.” He yanked his t-shirt off, tossed it carelessly behind himself. “At least it’s lightening up,” he laughed and ran out after her.

When he went through the back door, and several fat drops fell off the roof onto his back, he almost wished he’d left the t-shirt on. He hissed, but didn’t break his stride, as the rain suddenly got a lot harder. By the time she was reaching the edge of the backyard, and approaching the small grove of trees that lined it, he was only a few feet behind her, and the sky was dumping buckets on them.

Even when he knew she could hear him approach, she still didn’t look back, prompting a taunt, “Chicken shit.”

She took off into the trees, but as soon as she reached the little secluded patch of grass a few feet in, she spun on her heel and smiled at him. “What was that?” The rain was a little lighter in here, but because it was a clearing the moisture was still thick, making her blink a lot to keep her eyes clear. She moved her body carefully but nimbly, giving the impression she was ready to dodge in any direction she needed to, without hesitation.

But in reality, she did hesitate, because she expected him to stop and taunt her further at the edge of the clearing. He didn’t.

He stalked toward her, his eyes intense and determined. He nearly ran into her, but caught her body against him. With a firm grip on her, he took a few more steps forward until her body was trapped between his and a strong oak tree. His lips hit her like a freight train, taking possession instantly. Her hands were wrapped around him for support, but soon the heat of his skin combined with cool of the water sluicing over them, had her hands roaming every inch she could reach.

His hands were holding the sides of her face now, taking her lips wherever he wanted them to go. They were locked to one another, already soaked to the bone and oblivious, when the lightning strike hit somewhere a few blocks away. They both jumped, she nearly screamed. She buried her face in his shoulder and he held her tight.

“Damn it.” He growled, kissing the top of her head. She laughed, softly at first, and then harder as the laughter continued for almost half a minute. He looked down at her with a smile, as she finally faded off into a chuckle. “It’s not that funny.”

She looked up at him, still playful but with her eyes starting to darken. “Yes it is. Come here.”

There was an electric charge in the air, presumably from the nearby strike, making the hair on her arms stand up as his lips touched hers again. But she couldn’t focus on any one sensation, as he slowly started running his lips across hers, and his hands slid down the back of her shoulders. When his lips began to trace a path down her jaw, and across her throat, she arched back, gasping lightly.

She slid her hand into his hair, gently pulling his lips back up to hers, and wrapped him around her. She sank against him, their kiss lingering lazily at first, just exploring one another. Then, after a few moments; she kissed him deeply once more, before pulling away and gently shoving him back a step. She pushed away from the rough oak tree, and started walking backwards to another tree a few feet away, leading him by the hand.

The other tree wasn’t an oak. It was a Persian Iron Wood, planted there years ago by some brilliant former owner of the property. Or maybe they were just lucky, and it was by coincidence that the tree had grown in a perfect location and shape to form a very interesting place to “explore nature.” But when they’d bought the house five years ago, they had agreed there was no way they’d been the first couple to appreciate this curves of the beautiful piece of flora.

She walked him to the tree, and then spun him around so he was facing away from it. The she reached up, sliding her fingers up the back of his neck, and pulled his head down into a deep but playful kiss. While they kissed, he took a couple of steps back, until he could easily sit on the large piece of the forked trunk, on a spot that was effectively like sitting on a reasonably comfortable saw horse. As he sat she straddled the branch herself, so when they came down she was already on his lap, pressing her body even closer.

He leaned back against the upper part of the branch, pulling her with him, never breaking the kiss. His hands were already untucking her tank top from her waistband, and pulling it up to expose her bra-less breasts to the rain and his tongue. He yanked the tank high enough that he could devour her while pulling it over her head and tossing it aside. She gasped as he pulled her hair back gently; playing with his hands while his lips scorched their way back up her neck.

She made a sound in the back of her throat, an almost choked and painful sound, a sound he understood. He didn’t try to stop her, as she pushed him back against the tree limb; he put his hands up as a sign of acquiescence. She made a growling sound, grinned wickedly, and took his mouth as she quickly freed him from his cargo shorts. Within seconds his cock was exposed to the cold rain and static-laced air. But before the cold could affect his already painful erection, she had moved her skirt, slid up over top of him, and brought herself forcefully down.

Their lips were locked when he entered her to the hilt, and they both screamed against one-another. “Slow down baby,” he moaned against her lips, “You’re going to hurt yourself.”

In response she threw her head back, raised herself up, and came down again in an equally sudden fashion. He groaned loudly and she made the same choked sound in her throat. He pulled her head down, forcing her to look him in the eye as he pressed upwards, forcing his cock even deeper into her. He nearly expected steam to emerge from beneath her skirt, the fire where he was buried in her pussy meeting with the ice of the rain pouring over their skin.

He reached back and let his hands grab two smaller branches from the limb, and let her go. She made another sound, one of approval and victory, as he lay back and let her take her fill. He didn’t even reach out to touch her, knowing if his hands got in the way of exactly what she was doing she’d just swat them away anyway. He just lay back while she rode his swollen cock, hard.

She braced her feet against two convenient spots in the tree’s roots, leaned forward, and took him even deeper. He kept his hands out of her way, but she never stopped touching him. Her hands constantly roamed over his skin, her lips reached out and tasted every inch of his chest. He moaned in his own desperation to touch back, but each time he cried out she sped up, riding him harder and faster.

When he started to push back so hard he almost dislodged her, she wedged her feet even tighter, more carefully, and bore down on him with such forced he was worried again that she would hurt himself. Plus, he could feel her tightening, so he knew she was close.

He sat up almost suddenly, letting go of the branches behind him and taking her hands in his. She made a whimpering sound, but didn’t resist as he stood up, drove her back and pressed her length against the other large piece of the tree’s trunk, forcing her to stand at a slightly reclined angle. As soon as he had her fairly wedged, he lifted one leg, draped it over his arm, and pushed his cock slowly into her – inch by excruciating inch. She whimpered the whole time, her face pressed tight against his shoulder. At the last inch he pulled her face up to look at his and then shoved hard, grinding himself against her, making her moan wildly.

For a moment he just stood there, forcing her to look him in the eyes as her pussy pulsed around him. Then he leaned in, kissed the edge of her jaw, and whispered in her ear, “My turn.”

He slid down to sit against another part of the roots, pulling the elastic waist of her skirt down as he went. He let her leg fall just long enough to disentangle the skirt from her, and then tossed it in the same general direction of the rest of their clothes.

For a moment he just stared up at her, naked in all her glory, her rain-soaked body laid out against the dark branches of the tree. But he only hesitated for a moment, before he threw her leg over his shoulder and began to shower small kisses against her thigh. She sighed, arching her body to bring his lips closer to her pussy, but he refused to be rushed.

He start tracing the outline of her hips, from the outer edge to the inner curves, his lips and tongue taking equal turns sipping the rain water from her flesh. She writhed and whimpered as he played with the soaked hair covering her otherwise dripping pussy, and slid one hand up to hold her leg firmly. He explored her inner thigh, kissing and biting the flesh, as each touch made her jerk against his hand.

It seemed like forever he teased her, toying with every piece of flesh he could reach but the one she kept involuntarily thrusting toward him. She started to make even more emphatic sounds of need, of demand. Finally she groaned in frustration as his fingers brushed the edges of her pubic hair and he buried his face in her, turning her groan into a gasp of absolute pleasure. He used his hands carefully, in conjunction with the tree, to keep her upright as she nearly sank into his mouth. But he continued his assault on her pussy, digging his tongue deep inside her teasing her clit with his fingers.

Though it was doubtful anyone could hear them over the sounds of the storm, her moans and gasps echoed around the clearing, pushing him to take her even further down the rabbit hole. Without taking his lips from her, he draped her leg over an outcropping on the tree, turned his body around so his back was also to the tree, and positioned himself directly beneath her. He finally slid his tongue from her pussy, but before she could voice an objection two fingers filled her with a grunt of force from both of them.

He started exploring the outer edges of her pussy with his tongue, while his fingers purposefully slid in and out of her. But soon his tongue was sliding further back, along the perineum, until he was using his hand to equally support her and spread her cheeks to his ministrations. When he first began to swirl along the edges of her tight asshole she gasped so loudly she almost choked. But he didn’t go slowly for long. He could tell she was already losing it and couldn’t hold out much longer.

He spread her wide, and slammed his fingers deep in her pussy as his tongue fully invaded her tight little hole. She threw her head back, grasped a high branch above her head, and screamed his name. He kept going, forcing his fingers hard into her, while his tongue explored and invaded her. She bucked wildly but held onto the branch as she rode his tongue and fingers.

A few moments later she made a new sound, a guttural sob that shook her entire body. He literally cursed against her, not ready to stop, but only took another few seconds to toy with her before he moved. In fact, he didn’t stop until she choked out his name again, on an even more wrenching sob.

He stood fast, knowing her body and its movement in this space like it was a dance. He planted his feet carefully among the roots, put her leg over her his shoulder again, and pulled her face up to meet his. When she met his eyes, he held them there for just a second, their gazes locked. Then he watched her lips part, her eyes slam shut and her head fling back as he once again forced himself as deeply into her has he could go.

She made a whimpering sound followed by a low growl, while he held himself there, just waiting. After a moment her head came up, her eyes were as dark as the sky above them, and her lips came against him in a crash. She wrapped her arms around him, and he took hold of the branch above her head, as he drove her back into the tree.

He didn’t stop now; he didn’t take his time or toy with her. She was like an animal, meeting him with every thrust, as he fucked her brutally. He pounded into her, again and again, making her shudder with every thrust. He uses his other hand to hold her hips even higher against his, letting him go deeper, and he slammed with so much force he could feel it in the other parts of the tree he touched.

She screamed, over and over, as if he were splitting her in two. But she rode him too, her thighs wide begging him not to stop. It only took a few minutes, though it felt like forever, for the waves to begin rippling through her pussy.

But as her orgasm began he didn’t stop. Each thrust made her body pulse even harder, but he just kept going, fucking her like it was the last time he’d have the chance. When her head flew back he held her tight, not letting her body escape, carefully pushing her against a solid line in the tree trunk. Animal cries came from her lips as he fucked her relentlessly, forcing the orgasm to go on and on. At one point her pussy became so tight with contractions that he to drive even harder to stay inside of her.

When the sobs didn’t stop, when she was nearly weeping against him, he thrust into her one more time and let himself go, his cock exploding within her. She gasped once more, arched a final time and screamed against his shoulder as the final waves began to crash over her body.

He stood there, holding her tight, as they pulsed together. He didn’t ease his grip until her head fell back again. She let the rain water fill her mouth, before she swallowed it and looked up at him with a playful – but very satisfied – smile.

He grinned, kissed her tenderly, and then whispered against her cheek, “Now who’s it?”

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