Cool Developments

A page very much in development…

Welcome to a space for people developing tools and businesses designed to help others. This is a very new project, and will continue to evolve and grow as I explore its potential.

Here’s how it started…

It’s February 12, 2018 at 7:54 PM Central Standard Time. I’ve been scrolling through the Twitter hashtage #VisibleWomen for a half an hour, and came across something things I want to share beyond Twitter. That’s about as far as the thought has come. So here we go.


Hashtags worth viewing on Twitter:



Amazing tools women have designed to help others create, develop and express: 

SenshiStock Sketch

From the About Page:  SenshiStock is a Creative Commons pose reference resource for artists. Its main gallery is located on as part of the wider Resources & Stock Image community there. The photos focus on models who are wearing form fitting, lightly colored clothing so an artist can see the pose clearly without nudity. This also allows all ages of artist access to the stock.

Sarah ‘Sakky’ Forde runs SenshiStock and she is the main model. She began making stock for her own pose reference material for her work as an artist and illustrator. You can view some of Sarah’s artwork on deviantART as well.

What got my attention:  Obviously I first came across the SenshiStock Twitter page via the #VisibleWomen hashtag, which is what sparked my interest in this tool (and the creation of this page.) Here are a few tweets that gave me a solid idea of what this tool can do, how it truly was designed both for and by artists, and that I really wish it had existed when my (now grown) son was first interested in drawing.


I love the entire idea of this. Giving artists body-movement references, in different positions and even rotatable, is a terrific concept, especially for young or inexperienced artists. I’m imagining a developing comic book artist casting this to their TV or projecting it on a wall, to make it easy to glance at while working.

Another cool thing about SenshiStock is that it’s both accessible to all, and still affordable for those who would like to contribute to further development. The app and existing deviantART gallery are free, and the homepage stresses that all images that you pay for in premium or stock packs will eventually also be free via the DA gallery. You’re paying a few dollars for advanced use and to help continue growing the gallery. And If you prefer physical media, you can buy a couple of lanyard-ready USB flash drives full of images, or a full-color, spiral-bound book of full color photos. Giving several ways to contribute to the ongoing development of what I’m sure will grow to become an invaluable tool for many artists.

Businesses aimed at helping people beyond their customers:

In Music We Trust

From the About Page:

Our founder and CEO, Aiden Hatfield, discussing what we do as a brand. 

What got my attention:  Aiden and I are Twitter acquaintances, in the world of “Mental Health Awareness” Twitter. Aiden has used his love of music and his talents to try and help others struggling with depression to heal and manage their condition. 50% of the profits from his store (featuring t-shirts and other IMWT swag) are donated to the ‘Mind’ charity, a mental health support charity based in England and Wales.







No idea what else, if anything, will go on this page. We’ll see, I guess. If you have ideas, feel free to give a shout.