The Imaginary Echo Chamber

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There is a growing notion that is sweeping across the internet, and is frankly annoying the shit out of me. It’s the idea that the blocking or muting of individuals on social media is generally used to create an echo chamber, where you don’t listen to the voices of anyone unless they already agree with you and your entrenched views on the world. While I have no doubt that this behavior is engaged in by some, overall this accusation is just more gaslighting bullshit. But instead of bothering to explain why blocking trolls, professional contrarians and verbal abusers is really about self-care and not giving attention-seeking juveniles what they want, I’ll just show you.

I first started screenshotting Twitter for this project on May 30, 2017. I began building the web page on June 3, 2017. By that point, I had accumulated 8 blocks which already amply demonstrated the function of this page. But there will be more to come.

My blocks are a badge of my honor and civility – a mark of my commitment to ignore the willfully ignorant, deliberately obtuse and abusive dicksplashes of the world until they can find a productive use for their vitriol.

A couple of notes…

  • My additional notes on images are not necessarily about why I blocked them, just things I felt warranted comment.
  • Yes, I do sometimes hit and run these people. But it’s a euphemism not real violence, and they engage in the exact same behavior whenever it suits them. Twitter is a public forum. If you can’t handle your tweets being replied to, displayed or deliberately ignored, get off of Twitter.
  • If you don’t like my putting your profile/tweets on this page, you have two options for having it remove. You can delete everything offensive and abhorrent in your account and give a heartfelt apology for being a troll, or you can donate $500 to the Sex Worker’s Outreach Program (or find the site for your local chapter), and I will replace your tweets with a screenshot of your donation receipt.
  • In the spirit of @DancesWithFat‘s Hate Mail page, this section of the website will soon be monetized in the same fashion.