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About Femme Appeal, the artist…

I have been an erotic fiction author for many years – and a highly rated one at that. I have a unique ability to turn a lovely narrative into a devilishly good time. I also have an extensive history in role-playing, both sexual and traditional.

I also write articles, screenplays (shorts and feature length), blogs, personal and professional profiles, web content, product and media reviews. That’s hardly an exhaustive list, but it gets you in the ballpark. I am also an editor and content manager, a virtual assistant, a virtual reality courtesan and a phone sex performer – among other things.

I have a keen interest in the process of producing adult film, and expanding my repertoire beyond just writing. I am particularly inspired by the work of people like Erika Lust and Jacky St. James. Please feel free to reach out to me about any potential opportunities, where you think we might make a good collaboration.

I am also working on a gathering market data and MPV confirmation on a new VR-based adult service, blending the interactivity of virtual reality with quality storytelling, to create a custom fantasy experience. Something along the lines of Total Recall without the risk of lobotomy. 😉

About FemmeAppeal.Me, the website…

FemmeAppeal.Me seeks to connect erotica and creative storytelling with every facet of the adult industry. Providing web content and profile services to other adult-industry businesses, custom-crafted fantasies and fictional stories for individual clients, and new industry tools and services designed to bring adult virtual realty environments into the 21st century.

FA.ME also seeks to create a community, where those interested in erotic fiction, adult role-play, sexual education, adult game play tech and fantasy fulfillment can share thoughts, ideas and views toward the future.

FA.ME strives to create a home of sex-positivity, where everyone’s preferences and limits are respected, and never judged. Healthy sexual expression is a key requirement for true human happiness, and it’s the goal of FA.ME to help our industry partners, guest writers, sexual education friends, clients and community members facilitate that expression, all across life and the World Wide Web.