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While driving back from the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Arlington, VA – which I attended on scholarship – my car broke down in Ohio and I was forced to stay at a hotel overnight. The costs of the hotel and repairs has caused a serious hardship and issue for my family. It has not only severely compromised our ability to keep the power on this month, but has put my sister’s first home buying purchase into jeopardy – as her down payment savings is what got my car back on the road. And the closing date on her new home is the first week of October, so I do not have much time to come up solutions.

I am pursuing many avenues to resolve this issue, including finding more side-gigs and selling things in our household. And I have put any doctor’s appointments of volunteer work I was doing on hold so I can focus all my attention on getting that money back.

But I am asking for help from the community as well. If you can contribute anything to help, it will be greatly appreciated. I have carried over the rewards that I offered for my fundraiser to attend the summit (see the GoGetFunding link below), but I will be working on adding more rewards in the coming days. I will also be once again offering exposure on my website, for any individuals or business who would like to have their contributions noted – but if you prefer to remain anonymous that will absolutely be respected. And if you have items you’d like to donate, that I can sell on my Ebay store, that would also be wonderful.

You can read the full details of my trip home, in this article, “When Disaster Strikes… How Things Went From Glorious to Catastrophic.”

Thank you for your time, and please share my campaign on social media or anywhere else – hell print it and put it on a local bulletin board if you imagine it could help. 🙂 My pride is aside today; I can’t afford to be squeamish about anyone knowing that we need help.


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